Spruce Pine Gemstone Mine Near The Blue Ridge Parkway

Spruce Pine Gem Mine has been family owned and operated for generations. Mine for gemstones with one of the oldest mining family in the nation! We offer buckets of the finest gem ore from the best native gem mines. Search for your own valuable gemstones in the safety and comfort of our year-round location south of Spruce Pine, North Carolina the internationally recognized Gem and Mineral Capitol of the World! We are the Nations Oldest Mining Family going back many generations to the year 1810 and have been featured in National Geographic Magazine, Lapidary Journal, Rock and Gem Magazine, Matrix Magazine, Readers Digest, books by famed author and tv personality Charles Kurault and on PBS and local television.

Emerald, Aquamarine, Ruby, Sapphire, Star Ruby, Topaz, Garnet, Tourmaline, Adventurine, Amazonite, Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Ametrine, Rose Quartz, Unakite, Moonstone, Sodalite, Peridot, and many more! Learn to Identify Your Gemstones.

Flume Mining

Spruce Pine Flume Mining

Flume Mining is the process of where mining ore or raw materials are placed onto a screen and rinsing with fresh, clean running water sifting the dirt, sand and mud away to reveal gemstones.

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Jewelry Making

Spruce Pine Gem Stone Mine Jewelry Making

Mine the ore and gemstones from the mine
-Use the flume mine with running water to sift through the rock and sand to find the perfect stone for your piece of jewelry

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Kidder Construction Building Process

These sacks will contain a mix of colorful gemstones only. No Mine Dirt!

Perfect For All Occasions such as:
– Birthday Parties
– Fundraisers
– School Projects
– Church Functions

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Rare Gem Collection

Mountain Featured Custom Home by Kidder Construction

Our family has been mining for over 200 years in this area of Spruce Pine and the high country region. The family even started the North Carolina Mineral Museum located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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Directions & Location

Contact Information

15090 Hwy 226 South
Spruce Pine, NC 28777
Phone: (828) 765-7981
Website: www.sprucepinegemmine.com
Email: sprucepinegemmine@gmail.com

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